Driving School Spring Hill Florida


We offer private behind the wheel driving lessons in Spring Hill Florida. All our instructors are state certified by the Department Highway Safety Motor Vehicles. We have been offering traffic school courses and driving lessons for over 20 years. We are a locally owned company that started here in Hernando County and continue to offer excellent courses and driving lessons to our students.  We offer flexible hours and have Saturday lesson times available for your convenience.  You must have your permit driving license before we can start driving lessons.


Driving Lessons


If you are a new teen driver wanting to get your license we can teach you the basic driving skills and get your ready for your road test so you pass on the first try.  It is important to learn from a skilled instructor and in most cases you will find it more enjoyable than your parents teaching you how to drive.  Your parents are probably safe drivers but having an instructor teach you how to drive is less stressful and you will learn more and both you and your parent will be much happier.  Driving lessons are safe and personalized for each driver.  We create a custom driving lesson plan to help you become a better defensive driver.


We do one on one private instruction in a safe parking lot to get started.  We cover the driving basics and let you practice driving just like you were taking your road test.  We also want to teach you safe driving skills as this will reduce your insurance costs and make you a safer driver.  Driving is an important responsibility and just one accident or crash can completely change your life.  Driving is very dangerous and you want to be careful and not injure yourself, your family or friends and any other person on the road.


Why Choose Us


Our state approved driving instructors our ready to help you learn how to drive safely and also pass your drivers test at the DMV office. We will make sure you understand the basic road signs, road rules and safe driving techniques that you will need to know. We start the lessons slowing by teaching you the basics and then you slowly build up to going on the road and highways. Our instructor will evaluate your driving skills and make a driving plan based on your skills and weaknesses. To learn more visit our lessons page.


About our Instructors


Our state approved driving instructors have been certified to teach driving lessons by DHSMV.  Our instructors also have hands on experience teaching driving lessons to hundreds of teenage drivers.  We only have school teachers or retired police officers teaching the driving lessons.  Retired police officers bring great experience because they have investigated thousands of traffic crashes and understand the importance of being a safe defensive driver.  Most importantly, drivers should always obey the speed limits and never drink and drive.  Since these topics can be difficult for parents to talk about with their kids we will make sure we discuss these important and difficult issues with our students.